Christina Lag-Schröckenstein

Photographer and Installation Artist

Born in Vienna in 1975, 

Lives and works in Burgenland, Austria


2019 – 2020   Educational Programs at Werkstätte für Kunst und Kultur, Vienna 

2015 – 2016   Training and Diploma in Photography, Lightbox Academy, Vienna

2014 – 2015 Certification in Cultural Management,  Institute for Cultural 

                           Concepts, Vienna

2009 – 2010 Study trip to New York City, N.Y., USA

2000 – 2005 Study of Jazz Guitar, Conservatory of Vienna  

1997 – 2003 Study of Classical Guitar, Conservatory of Vienna  

1995 – 1998 Study of Jazz Guitar, Prayner Conservatory, Vienna

1994 – 1995 Study of  Fusion Guitar by Wayne Brasel, American Institute of Music, Vienna      

             1993 – 1994 Study of Rock Guitar, Class of Milan Polak, American


2020 “Ton in Ton”, solo exhibition, Galerie am Park, Vienna

2018 “Tonosionen 2018”, group exhibition, cherry blossom hall, Breitenbrunn

“Schriftbilder”, group exhibition, project room of the Ladengalerie Burgenland

“Tone-in-tone #white”, solo show, winches

“Shades of Grey”, X-Art Festival, group exhibition project space Landes-galerie Burgenland

“Shades Of Grey”, group exhibition, Gallery Prisma, Bolzano


2021 Art Prize of the Pro

2019 Art Prize of the Province of Burgenland

2017 winner of the photo competition of the MUVS, Vienna