Tone on Tone White

The urban-rural divide that becomes manifest in the different perceptions of air, architecture, music, language, or cuisine, can be both a gain and a culture shock at the same time. Christina Lag-Schröckenstein experienced this first-hand in 2010, when she relocated to Burgenland after she had spent a year in New York City as a musician. All of a sudden, there was a multitude of new sensations and circumstances to digest, and she had to develop a new sense of time and activity, a different awareness of culture and history and the sediments of life in this region. In the process, she created her first photo series about Burgenland: Ton in Ton weiß (Tone-on-Tone White). Like a tabula rasa, a blank, white canvas, she approaches her new habitat through her imagery with a curious eye for structures and breaches while avoiding any touristy clichés or glorifying expectations. She encounters the harsh, the rough, the crude Pannonia – a landscape, a habitat, a cultural sphere. While reflecting the cautious onset and the gradual familiarisation with the new chapter of her life, she discovers a new facet of her artistic potential and creative work. Christina Lag-Schröckenstein’s photographic journeys are an invitation to see your home region with different eyes, a different feeling, to recollect old stories, to approach it and devote yourself to it.