Tone on tone red

Lifestyles and beliefs, personal future prospects and expectations of the future in general, or the contemporary socio-political circumstances – everything is in a permanent state of revolution; it changes from generation to generation, however mostly in secrecy, concealed by quotidian day-to-day life and the traditional concept of the well-ordered career. These changes rarely manifest as processes, but rather as breaks or turning points, as cuts, interferences, and grotesques in the tunnel view of personal goals and routine procedures. Christina Lag-Schröckenstein‘s latest photo series gives those eruptive signals of societal transformation processes an awkwardly calm and eerily resigned expression by depicting atypical, odd, worn-out objects in places of cyclic natural or agricultural processes. The subjects may appear quiet, however, it is seething beneath the surface. There are cracks in the ice and little frozen ripples beneath the surface; in the field, rocks and clumps of dirt lie scattered in the furrows; the wood of the barrel shows marks of wear and tear, but also of its original and continuous vitality. The quiet festering in the presence of unusual, absurd elements finds an unexpected concreteness: All of a sudden, the images no longer speak of the traditional, the recurring, the quotidian, but of industrial farming and TTIP, of sexism and abuse, of feminism and the revolution of gender roles. Cautiously yet unalterably, gently yet unambiguously, abruptly yet pointedly, the images raise awareness of the overdue debates, the diverse desires for change and the confrontation of different cultures of self-evidence that can be found throughout our contemporary society.

Prices on application, all pictures of the series “Ton in Ton rot” 79*105cm in a white shadow gap frame, 3 prints