The urge for artistic creation is deeply rooted in me. Creative activities have already made me happiest as a child. Even then, I lived out my creative potential on several levels. 
I eventually studied classical guitar and jazz guitar at the Vienna Conservatory. For a long time I was active in different musical genres and on many stages.
After moving my center of life to Burgenland after a one-year stay in N.Y., I have devoted myself to art and feel an insatiable passion in this creation. Often the small, seemingly inconspicuous things in nature or surroundings inspire me. 
But also social problem areas drive my artistic work. Especially topics from history, philosophy, religious studies, literature, sociology and ethnology.are in the foreground for me.
I want to constantly develop as a person and as an artist by reflecting on myself in the course of my art and striving to be able to help others to shape their relationship to the world and not to take everything for granted. As an imperfect and vulnerable human being, artistic work provides me with more inner balance and an approach to my vision of a true existence and work of art. 
I have a very open approach to tools and materials, currently I work a lot with photography and installation objects. In this field of tension between sound, image and space I have created my artistic niche.
It is a search for diversity, conquering the unknown, exploring artistic boundaries that constitutes my creative work. It is not the music alone that calls for expression in me. It is the pictorial representation of what moves me. In photography I have found the artistic expression that I have been lacking for many years in addition to music.
The combination of several artistic approaches grants me the flexibility and creativity in expression that I strive for. In the future I would like to merge photography and music into an artistic symbiosis. This results in more than just the pure combination; it opens up multi-layered meanings and allows for different interpretations. 
With “Tonogramme”, a new project ,I am currently working on, I give the sound image a proverbial meaning – in its visual and acoustic representation. These two elements are equal to each other, condition each other, reinforce each other and give each other meaning. “Tonograms” is my second project besides “Pulsations”, with which I project music and photography, supported by science, into a new artistic unity.
For me, this is just one step of many. I do not yet see myself at the end of my artistic journey with the combination of musical and photographic creation. Rather, it burns in me to explore even more elements in the future, to explore the diversity in the combination.

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