Christina Lag-Schröckenstein

born 1975 in Vienna, lives and works in Burgenland/Austria

Thriving in an artistic family environment, artist Christina Lag-Schröckenstein displayed a multi – faceted expression of creative talent and passion for art and music from an early age. 

At the Conservatory of Vienna, she later studied Classical as well as Jazz Guitar and has since been a professional musician of various styles. True to her multidisciplinary nature, Lag – Schröckenstein also discovered great potential in the genre of Contemporary Art with an emphasized focus on photography and sound art. 

After almost a year of living and working in New York City, she relocated to her main place of residence in Burgenland, Austria, a new point of origin for creative work. She soon accomplished an official diploma for photography (Robert Pichler, Lightbox Academy) and thoroughly got involved in painting, installation art as well as the founding of soundscapes for exhibitions, installations and audiovisual performances.

The essence of Lag-Schröckenstein’s oeuvre lies in the constant search for diversity, the conquering of the unknown and the exploration of creational boundaries. Not only her inner musical landscapes, but also visual shapes and forms need to be brought into physical form via photography and uniquely conceptualized space – and sound installations.

A combination of various artistic perspectives provides her with creative flexibility: photography, installation, performance and music melt into perfect artistic symbiosis. Still, she not only focuses on the mere concept of interdisciplinarity but lays emphasis on a piece’s multidimensional meaning and its rich possibilities of interpretation.

Christina Lag-Schröckenstein fervently explores new elements of artistic expression, creates fresh latitudes of combination, audaciously experiments in the creation of exceptional audiovisual experiences. 


2020 „Ton in Ton“, Einzelausstellung, Galerie am Park, Wien

2019 Kunstpreis des Landes Burgenland

„Ton in Ton #rot“, Prangerschenke, Breitenbrunn

2018 „Tonosionen 2018“, Gruppenausstellung,  Kirschblütenhalle, Breitenbrunn

„Schriftbilder“, Gruppenausstellung, Projektraum der Ladengalerie Burgenland

2017 Gewinnerin des Fotowettbewerbs des MUVS, Wien

„Ton in Ton #weiß“, Einzelausstellung, Winden

„Shades of Grey“, X-Art Festival, Gruppenausstellung Projektraum Landes-galerie Burgenland

„Shades Of Grey“, Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Prisma, Bozen

2016 Internationale Kunsttage, Gruppenausstellung, Art Hotel, Wien

2015 „Black & White“, Gruppenausstellung, Fotogalerie, Berlin

„Pulsationen“, Einzelausstellung , Brick-5, Wien